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Cooking Sauce (Long Life)

Eating Functional Food is good for health. It brings healthy and prevents illness. Moreover, to eat Super foods every day better helps the body recover from illness. It can go along with treatment by the doctor. Refer to the article under topic Nutrient Food for Quality of Life by Thai National Food Committee 2012 told that Thai people eat sodium 4,325 milligrams a day. It's over the average quantity suggestion, 1 adult should not eat sodium more than 2,000 milligrams per day. Following this eating habit related to the data found 7 million Thai people got sick. Especially 900,000 people have high blood pressure and need treatment.

Long Life Limited Partnership has idea and concept to choose the only natural ingredient for the product, without MSG and Preservative. Our seasoning sauce must be good for consumers' health. It's a new choice for healthy lover and also patient. For the patient they not only still need delicious food but also that food must not harm their health. Masterchef umami sauce is the solution. It makes food delicious and the patient can get useful nutrients from their meal.

When the body got too much sodium, it's bad and effect to the high blood pressure patient and also the kidney disease patient that doctor suggest avoiding or limiting sodium.

Masterchef Umami Sauce made from various tubers in the Northern part of Thailand. This seasoning sauce was researched and produced by Nutrition knowledge and science techniques, No MSG and Preservative. It makes the food tastier with Umami Taste. To increase kindly fresh taste with the good smell of raw material, it's the premium taste like cooking by Famous Master Chef. It's the touch of nature and not too much seasoning.

Quantity to apply: Only 1⁄2 to 1 teaspoon per 250 grams raw materials. And 1 tablespoon per 1 kilogram of raw material.

Masterchef Umami Sauce made from carrot, radish, taro, and pumpkin. It's 100% natural umami.

"Making healthy Eating Yummy by Masterchef Umami Sauce"

Suitable for Food, Dessert, Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies.

Friendly with Vegan and Halal.

Product: Masterchef Umami Sauce
Researched and Produced by Long Life Limited Partnership.

Managed by: Dr.Siriporn Dechaoup

Dr.Siriporn Dechaoup Profile:

Nutrient Research Department of Chiangmai Health Service Promotions Association

Consultant of Nutrient Department of Chiangmai Hospital
Lecturer and Consultant of the government unit and school as invited


Knowledge of Nutrient science for long life.

Food transformation especially the products from tubers. To produce Low GI food &dessert.

Research about fruits, vegetable, and herb.

Product Awarded: The Innovation of Healthy Food &Drink in the event of Food Ingredients Asia 2017

Masterchef Umami Sauce Models:

Bottle 250g.

Wholesale for Industry: Please contact : Tel. (+66) 885786078

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บริษัทลองไลฟ์ จำกัด
(Long Life Company Limited)
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Email: masterchefumami@gmail.com

Telephone: 088-5786078
Website: www.masterchefumami.com Facebook: masterchefumamithailand Youtube: MasterChefUmami
( คุณค่าอาหารพื้นบ้าน 15 ชาติพันธุ์ )
ด้วย "มาสเตอร์เชฟอูมามิซอส"
(Recommendations for Flavoring Food
with "Master Chef Umami Sauce" )

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